Monday, July 21, 2014

Dallas to Houston

I made the move from Dallas to Houston a little over a month ago! Having grown up north of Dallas and then living there the past four years it was a huge change for me.

I began looking for jobs last August as a speech therapist in a hospital and was convinced Dallas was where I wanted to stay. Why would I ever leave my close circle of friends, the familiar city, and my family? Moving away after college was something I never thought I would do AND to Houston where it's humid- no thanks! After countless applications and job interviews over a 9 month period I finally got the hint that maybe Dallas wasn't where I needed to be.  I applied to a few hospitals in Houston back in April on a whim and within two weeks had an interview and then a job offer followed a few days later. It was exactly the position I had been trying for for so long, but then came the decision making...and I am the absolute worst when it comes to making decisions! My friends know this all too well...I hate decisions about what I feel like doing for the night,  much less one that changes my ideal plan for my life. I believe that is where I had it mixed up. My plan and what I thought I wanted wasn't what was the best for me. You can't plan life and life never goes as planned. Duh, I knew this...but still tried to control aspects of my life.

I accepted the offer and decided I was going to explore whatever path my life was taking while trusting to go through the doors that were opening for me and not looking back at the ones that were closing. It sounds fun and free spirited, but I was terrified to leave Dallas. To some moving four hours away is nothing... but to me it was everything. After finishing my undergrad at OU, I moved back to Dallas to complete my masters and I had settled into the idea of never leaving. Funny how God works! I heard a quote that said something along the lines of "God always answers your prayers, just most of the time it isn't the answer you were wanting" and I think it is pretty appropriate. I often look for the answers I am wanting to see, while blindly missing what is right in front of me. Once I accepted the position everything else fell into place seamlessly. I still wanted to back out, not move and stay content with what I had going in Dallas. Change is a scary thing.

Well it has been five full weeks in Houston and I absolutely LOVE it. I have a job I truly love and I can't believe I almost said no to moving. I've met so many new and interesting people in the short time I have been here, plus exploring a new city is great! --Maybe a little too fun sometimes, but those stories won't be posted on my blog, love you Mom and Dad.

I think it has pushed me to totally step out of my comfort zone and I can't believe I even debated passing up this opportunity. Will I be in Houston for the long haul? No idea, but right now I am enjoying it!

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